Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Handball Practice with Dustin was super cool! I didn't expect to get to play but the coach allowed me to participate. After watching a few drills I realized that handball is also a fairly physical sport, so I thought okay I can do this. So I ran with the ball toward the defender and dribbled it (you can only take 3 steps at a time) but I ended up sending the defender flying with my shoulder because I never realized that it would be a foul unlike in hockey. Everyone was laughing about it except the guy on the ground. I felt really bad. Not much else happened yesterday so I'll skip to today. For school the other 9 exchange students and I did a scavenger hunt around Flensburg, my group definitely did the best and found the most stuff. There is a church here from 1327 I think is what the sign said, which is really cool.

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